Veterinary Care Foundation

We are very proud to announce that Buffalo Ridge Animal Hospital has created a charitable fund to offer grants to clients who need financial assistance to provide life - saving care for their pets.

All to often, even the best pet owners can find themselves financially unprepared to do what is needed to save their pet, and facing a heart-wrenching decision if they can't afford treatment.

Of course as veterinarians, we love animals first and foremost, and don't want any family to have to make that terrible decision. So inspired by clients who wanted to help less fortunate owners afford emergency pet care, we've established a charitable fund with the Veterinary Care Foundation.

The Veterinary Care Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) charitable foundation and is unique in that 100% of every dollar donated goes directly to veterinary practices - the Foundation never uses charitable contributions for administration, salaries or fundraising.

For those of you who are in a position to help other less fortunate pet owners, you can donate by clicking on the picture below and be directed to our homepage and submit your donation on-line.


We have named our fund the "Nena Fund". Please read her story:



Meet Nena, a 5 month old puppy that was brought to Buffalo Ridge Animal Hospital after being hit by a car. Unfortunately, she suffered multiple fractures to both of her back legs and pelvis. Nena’s family did not have the funds for her extensive ICU care and multiple surgeries necessary to repair her legs, nor the ability to do the nursing care afterwards.


 Dr. Vernon and her staff decided on that day, that this little puppy needed a fighting chance and decided to donate their time and money to help her recover. They all came together and reached out to Buffalo Ridge clients to help donate to the cause, and the support for Nena poured in! 


Nena was able to have surgery with Dr. Herman at Affiliated Veterinary Specialists to repair her legs, and then spent 8 weeks at Buffalo Ridge for physical therapy and rehabilitation. Nena now has a home at Dr. Vernon’s farm, and spends many of her days visiting her friends and helping greet clients at Buffalo Ridge.  


Nena’s story and the tremendous support by our community inspired the Buffalo Ridge staff to create “Nena’s Fund.” Nena’s Fund is a way to offer veterinary care to clients facing personal hardships as well as a means to support animals rescued from abuse and neglect. This incredible fund will allow us to offer reduced or no-cost services to clients who may otherwise be forced to surrender or euthanize their beloved pets.


We ask that you consider donating to Nena’s Fund and allowing your help today to impact animals and families in need within our community! Donations are collected at both Buffalo Ridge Locations. Thank you for your help from all of us here at Buffalo Ridge, we truly appreciate it!


Thank You for your generosity and should you have any questions, please contact Amy Dacey at 352-750-4711