A Few Changes

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A Few Changes
We have an announcement, Pinellas Plaza clients! We are sad to say, Dr. Claire Caruana is leaving us. Her last day is July 15th. This brings about some temporary changes - our monthly Saturday appointment date will be temporarily canceled until we have hired Dr. Caruana's replacement.
If you need an appointment on a Saturday, you can schedule one with our main hospital.
We will let you know as soon as we can when our Pinellas Plaza Saturday monthly appointment dates will be available again.
We wish Dr. Caruana the best of luck in her future and thank her for many years of great service as a part of the Buffalo Ridge family.

A Better Way to Treat

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A Better Way to Treat

Is your pet on one of our Royal Canin Prescription Diets? We have Good News for you- Royal Canin released Prescription Diets Treats and we have them in stock at both locations. They come in a few varities which include: HP, Satiety, Urinary and Gastro. They are avaiable for BOTH dogs and cats. Dog Treats run $8.49 per bag and Feline Treats are $5.49 per bag.


A Puppy's First Exam

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A Puppy's First Exam

Choosing a puppy is an exciting time. It can also be a bit stressful. There is a lot of research that goes into it: Training, breed, size, what kind of food, lifestyle, and tons more of decisions are thought out. One of the biggest decisions to make is when to get your new puppy to the vet for its first exam.

In a recent video posted on our Facebook page, Dr. Natasha Vilchez went through the steps of a puppy’s first vet visit.  

First, the vaccines: Canine parvovirus, distemper, canine hepatitis and rabies. “Dogs start the vaccine series at 8 weeks of age and continue to 16 weeks when they receive their rabies vaccination. If puppies start the series late they will receive their initial vaccination and at least one booster vaccinations,” Dr. Vilchez explained.





Antivenin Alert

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Antivenin Alert

A story of a German Shepherd protecting his child-owner from a rattlesnake has made headline news. Currently the dog is being treated with antivenin. 

We know a story like this brings real concern to pet owners in Florida who know rattlesnakes, and other venomous snakes, typically become more frequent and visible during the summer months which can pose a threat. 

Buffalo Ridge Animal Hospital has antivenin in stock and readily available for an emergency like this. We are the only 24-hour, seven-days-a-week animal hospital in The Villages providing emergency care. If your pet is bit by a snake, it is an emergency. We are here for you, whether our established client or not, we will treat any emergency. 



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Strut Your Mutt Success

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Big thank you to everyone who had a part in making the 2nd Annual Strut Your Mutt Charity Dog Walk a huge success! Villages News did a nice little feature on us from the event.

Welcome Dr. Heckman

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Welcome Dr. Heckman

She officially joined our veterinary team January 25th. She hails from Louisiana and has been practicing veterinary medicine for four years. We're excited to have Dr. Heckman join our team.

Portal Steps - Register Now!

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Portal Steps - Register Now!

Sign Up Now - It's Easy!!


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July 1, 2015


Dear clients,

We are making a few changes to our Animal Emergency Clinic that currently operates at our Village Campus Circle location.

Starting July 1st, we are able to schedule urgent care appointments from
6:20pm until 9:40pm. These urgent care appointments will have an office visit of $90.00 but all services and items will remain at our daytime practice pricing structure. In the past, all patients that have been seen by our Emergency Staff have been charged a 90.00 exam fee and services and items were more expensive than our normal day time practice prices. Moving forward, we are no longer going to be charging a higher rate for services and items if seen by our Emergency / Critical Care team.

We will be able to schedule urgent care appointments
Monday- Friday only. If your pet has an appointment for this time, please be aware that we are still a critical care emergency hospital and if a life threatening emergency should arrive during you appointment time, they take top priority. Lisa, one of our client service representatives will be working from 2pm to 10PMMonday-Friday to help make this transition a success.

Patients seen between the hours of
10pm and 8am will be charged $110.00 for their exam and consultation, and all other services and items will remain the same pricing structure as our day time practice.

Please help us spread the word about our hospital being open and staffed 24/7, along with our new pricing structure as we do hope this will allow for more clients to bring their pets to our hospital and not worry about paying a higher rate on services and items.

Thank you for all of your support the past 6 1/2 years and it is a pleasure to provide the community with this much needed service right here in The Villages.

Please call us or email us if you have any questions.

Heat Stroke

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Heat Stroke

The summer is here!! It’s my favorite time of the year, and it is for my dogs as well.  I love to take them outside for hikes and to let them run around and play.   

Pets & Kids: The Perfect Blend

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Pets & Kids: The Perfect Blend

In recognition of National Pets and Kids Day April 26th, Dr. Vernon thought of some helpful tips on blending children and pets in the family. 



Canine Influenza

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Dear Buffalo Ridge Clients,

  Certain parts of our country are experiencing a serious outbreak of canine influenza. While we do not have any confirmed cases in our area, we are very aware that there are always new people and dogs traveling into and out of our area. What we know currently is that the viral strain that is affecting these dogs is not the same as the strain that is currently protected by the canine influenza vaccine. There is also no data that supports that vaccination with the current vaccine will provide any type of immunity against the new strain.

   Dogs affected by influenza may have mild symptoms such as fever, a moist cough, and discharge from the eyes and nose. These symptoms mimic similar signs caused by kennel cough and are easily confused. Other dogs may have severe symptoms – developing high fevers and pneumonia. As with most respiratory viruses, puppies and senior dogs may be more susceptible based on having fragile immune systems.

   Dogs that are housed in a kennel environment or attend a daycare facility are considered at a higher risk to exposure since they come into contact with more dogs than the average dog that spends the majority of its time at home.

   We are making the following recommendations for our patients:

  1. 1.If your pet has a compromised immune system or chronic health conditions, limit your pet’s interactions with other dogs, especially when traveling out of state.
  2. 2.If your dog develops a cough or other symptoms such as nasal discharge or lethargy, please call to have your pet seen. If your pet has been traveling with you, or has been in a boarding situation or other type of environment with multiple dogs, please let the staff know so we can plan accordingly to isolate your pet when you arrive. Do not take your dog out to public parks or places where it may have contact with other pets until your pet has been evaluated.

As more information becomes available, we will be sure to share it. Please feel free to go to  for more information. The press release from Cornell University is also attached below for further information.


Pet First Aid

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    As a veterinarian, I tend to split my days between wellness visits and sick patients, with the occasional emergency sprinkled in. Many times with emergencies, the owners attached to the patient are distraught and sometimes panicked. The feeling of helplessness when their beloved pet is injured or sick can be overwhelming. Hopefully, I can share some tips and hints that can help during these sticky situations.                      




April Awarenesses

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Are You and Your Pet Ready?

April is full of national days and month-long awarenesses. It's also the time of year it really feels like spring is here. 

That  can mean many things happening for you and your pet. We're here to help.

Have You Heard About Laser Therapy?

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Have You Heard About Laser Therapy?

All month long we're talking about Laser Therapy!

Ask us if your pet is a candidate.

We'll be posting informaiton on our Facebook page all month long