Pets and Pals Feature Chewy

Pets and Pals Feature Chewy

Some breeds of dogs are just meant for certain people. Once that breed enters your life, you just know there are no others that can compare. Whether it’s the character traits, the bad habits, the loyalty, or the goofy grin, they hook you.

For the Renick family, their breed is Boxer.

They discovered their proclivity for the breed around 2009. Their daughters, Gracie and Lauren, with the assistance of their dad, had developed this idea they needed a boxer. Amanda was skeptical and reluctant since they had always had small breed dogs and one Golden Retriever.

Could they handle the demands of a hyper dog? What about the breed’s reputation of being rough and sometimes aggressive?

In April 2009, they visited the Marion County Animal Shelter just to look at dogs and there they met Laila. Boxers don’t typically last long in shelters, Amanda said, but Laila was meant for the Renicks.

“Her heartworms were really bad, and in treatment, she got really close to dying,” Amanda said, explaining how the treatment caused an allergic reaction and had to have two rounds of treatment.

After Laila, 8, had a clean bill of health, Scott was pretty insistent on the family getting a second boxer. Amanda was hesitant, but how could she say no? They found Lovie, a senior male in need of special treatment, through the Florida Boxer Rescue. Lovie and Laila already had a lot in common.

Besides the heartworms in her early life, Laila has terrible skin allergies to animal proteins and grass, just about everything else dogs love. Lovie had horrible skin conditions and seemed to be allergic to everything Laila wasn’t.

Luckily for the Renicks, Buffalo Ridge Animal Hospital had recently opened. At the time, the family lived in Bison Valley, so it was an easy trek. Now, they have a home in Oxford.  The BRAH staff got to know the Renicks very well.

Sadly, Lovie passed away about two years ago due to cardio myopathy.

“(He) was probably the best dog that we ever had, of all the dogs that my husband and I have had in our lives. He was just a really cool dog,” Amanda said.

A few months later around Christmas, the family came across Chewy.  He was a year old when the family who owned him was moving and had to give him away.  Chewy, 3, immediately fit into their family with his hysterical antics and charm.

“He’s kind of our puppy and (Laila’s) the mommy, which is just funny for the folks over at Buffalo Ridge because she used to be the wild and crazy one, and now, she’s quiet and calm and he’s a freak,” Amanda joked.

Chewy helped Laila grow up a little, since Lovie was the dominant dog until his passing, Amanda explained.

“(It) was kind of neat to watch her go from the baby to the period of time where we only had her – she was eating whole pizzas off the top of the counter, all kinds of naughty mess – and then Chewy came and she had somebody to take care of. Minus them being boxers, she stays out of trouble.”

As for Amanda and Scott’s daughters, the girls now have secondary siblings, in a way. Gracie, 11, is at that pre-teen stage of wanting to hang out in her room by herself, so Laila will cuddle with her and give Gracie the extra attention she needs at this sensitive time.  Lauren, 9, is the active, silly one in the bunch which makes Chewy the perfect ‘little brother.’ Chewy is constantly teasing Lauren and the two are very animated, Amanda explained.

While the kids are at school and Scott is working, it’s just Amanda, a stay-at-home- mom, with the dogs. She said they keep her entertained with “laughter, joy and fun.” Though she wasn’t sold on the idea of boxers in the beginning, Amanda couldn’t imagine her family without them.

Their loyalty to the girls, the family and each other has made her a believer that the boxer breed is the only breed for them.

“It’s an incomplete you didn’t know was incomplete until you added that additional dog and then the two together and the four of us with the two dogs, it just kind of made it perfect.”

The staff at Buffalo Ridge Animal Hospital adores the Renick family. Thank you for choosing us to care for your family’s needs.

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