Pets and Pals Feature The Hansen Herd

There’s something about the smooshed face, snorty nose, curly-q tail and loveable personality of a pug that make it hard to say no to. Just ask BJ and Steve Hansen, pet parents to the Hansen Herd.

Five equally cute and unique pugs are pretty well known from The Villages to Utah.

There’s Lily, 11, Maxine, 10, Henry, 7, and Maggie and Frankie, both 5. BJ said most of them came from rescues or foster cares. The only similarity among them is they are all fawns.

Having volunteered for several years with animal help groups, BJ said people would discover the couple loved pugs and would end up calling them to help one in need.

“They’re our children, now,” BJ said of the bond she and Steve have with the dogs. “They’re so ugly they’re cute.”

Anywhere the Hansen’s go, the dogs follow and are sometimes better recognized than their human parents. Like most villagers, BJ and Steve spend some of their retirement traveling. When the herd can’t go with them in their motorhome, they spend time boarding at Buffalo Ridge Animal Hospital.

BJ said she began taking the dogs, along with her two cats, Ozzy and Harriet, to BRAH as soon as they moved to The Villages five years ago. She was looking for a practice with women veterinarians. What made it better was that it became the only emergency animal center in The Villages.

They are so loved at the hospital, the pugs attended a birthday party for veterinary director, Dr. Kelly Vernon’s pug JJ. Practice manager, Amy Dacey had her pug, Willow, there. Everyone wore birthday hats and ate Puppy Cake.

The herd loves to travel, too. For a few months out of the year, the Hansens start up the motorhome and the dogs can’t wait to go, she said. Usually, their trip is to Utah at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary where BJ and Steve volunteer.  The dogs are adored by everyone and really enjoy the trip she said.

“My dogs have a better social life than I do,” BJ said.


Buffalo Ridge Animal Hospital is proud BJ and Steve Hansen have trusted us with their furry children. We also praise their work and efforts with animal rescues and sanctuaries.  


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