Abbey Lovelace

Abbey Lovelace

Introducing "Abbey Lovelace", an amazing 18 year journey

We had gone to Ruff (Rescued Unwanted Furry Friends) looking for a phoo-phoo dog.  They had all been adopted and the lady steering us to a quiet, shy 5 year old girl named Pebbles.  The owners had brought her in stating she wasn’t good with small children!    They were so wrong..Abagail (Abby), as we call her, has been the mother of 6 grandchildren and 3 granddogs.

The beginning was difficult.  Abby cowered everytime we called her name, shook when people came to the house, didn’t play, didn’t bark; just stayed on the couch all day.  We took her to the vet to see if something was wrong, he said it was all new, just give her time.  Boy was he right!

Her hunting skills have been proven…watch out geikos & snakes…but also her sweetness.  She found a baby squirrel who was lost and protected it until we were able to get it and send it home to its momma.

We thought her time with us might have been up 2 year ago.  She had a tumor on her kidney.  It was a hard decision because of her age whether to put her through surgery or not. Because she had no other serious health issue and we weren’t ready to see her go, she had a kidney removed and all is well.   It is hard to watch her aging…can’t hear as well, can’t see as clear, arthritis makes her a little slower; but say, “want to go for a walk”, & she starts hopping with excitement.  

We have been blessed to love and cherish this precious little lady for 13 years.  Abagail Lovelace, you are a champion.


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